Tow Pound

Since 1989, McGann & Chester has provided vehicle towing and storage services to the City of Pittsburgh. During those three decades of service, we have established very good working relationships with City officials, as well as Emergency Responders.

Benefits of our towing and storage services include, but are not limited to:

McGann & Chester, LLC has proven itself to be the best-qualified and most well-equipped organization in the City to provide excellent vehicle towing, storage, and related services.

We also have an indoor storage shed for vehicles that need to be held for Police processing. If a vehicle is towed and needs to be inspected at a later time, we can hold it without damage from inclement weather.


One of the most asked questions is why our trucks say 23 ½ Hour service. Well, we were called to an accident up on Interstate 80. That was out of our general service area for accidents. However, they said that we were the 3rd company to be called and that the other two could not get the vehicle out. McGann & Chester headed out and 23 ½ hours later they pulled back into the yard with the wrecked vehicle! If you take a look closely at the side of the trucks, you can see where it still said 24 Hour Service. McGann & Chester was from then on the home of 23 ½ Hour Service!!


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