CAR TOWING & ENCLOSED TRANSPORT to tow your vehicle properly

Whether your car needs regular maintenance or something more serious like repairs or bodywork, our team is the proven choice to get your car moved. Trust our decades of experience in the Pittsburgh area, as well as cross-country specialized hauling, to get your vehicle transported. We go to great lengths to retain the most diverse and highest quality service in Western PA. For example, we retain custom built trucks to fit in tight areas and into parking garages under 6ft 6inches. Depend on us to be there for you.

Enclosed Transport

Do you have a luxury vehicle that has never seen a raindrop? We have an enclosed Low Center of Gravity (LCG) customized carrier that can keep the lovely Pittsburgh weather off of your car so it can get where it needs to be in style and without hassle. In the past we have utilized special implements such as low-angled racing ramps, GoJak’s, carpet-wrapped straps, and scratch-proof suits to relocate an extensive variety of high-end vehicles for personal and commercial clients alike. Our highly capable drivers are well-experienced, insured, and prepared to deliver you and your asset a first-class experience. Please call ahead to schedule or you can email us your relocation details!