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At McGann & Chester, we offer fast and efficient road service and towing. Our modern recovery fleet includes lifting and towing vehicles, tow trucks, transporters and trailers. We also operate mobile cranes, road going fork lifts, articulated tractor units, and incident support vehicles. You can trust our towing experts to safely and adequately assist you with our roadside recovery services.

McGann & Chester (Pittsburgh, PA) has the experience and the equipment to handle even the most delicate roadside recovery and heavy duty towing in the whole state of Pennsylvania

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Our TOWING Services

We go the extra mile to to offer tow services to be there for you when you need us most. We offer professional towing services and roadside assistance to exceed your needs.

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Heavy Duty Towing/Transport

We utilize a fleet of modern equipment to tow and recover the most complicated jobs.

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Our hauling vehicles are capable of towing small vehicles up too large construction equipment.

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Light Duty
Towing Service

We have the tow truck equipment and operators to make any tow truck service go seamlessly.

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& Repairs

Our tow truck service provides a variety of services to maintain or fix your vehicle.

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& Recovery

We have a 80 ton sliding/rotating boom to get you out of the tough spots.  Our heavy tow truck service is always there.

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You are now able to view our vehicles online and place your bids.

Need a Towing Service?

At the home of the 23 and 1/2 hour towing, we’re ready to help you whenever you might need it. Rely on us to help you out, because emergencies don’t run on a schedule. So, are you stuck and in need a tow service? If so, call us today!

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Where’s My Car?

Has Your Car Been Towed?

If your car or vehicle has been towed to an impound lot, you may have a few questions. Make sure you have the following items to release your car from the lot:

  • Government Issued Identification

  • Valid Registration or Insurance Card

  • We accept credit, debit, Apple Pay, and EXACT cash.
  • The registered owner of the vehicle must be present with a valid license to release a vehicle.

  • The person driving the vehicle off of the lot must have a valid Drivers License.

Impound Lot
Where’s My Car?

Has Your Car Been Impounded?

Returning your vehicle from the impound lot can be both frustrating and stressful. We can make the process simple and straightforward to locate and tow your vehicle. Get in touch with our team today for our professional towing services.

Impound Lot

Tim Calfo

…Let me say I was completely surprised and caught off guard from how pleasant they were to how fast the made it to our shop and and had the tow done. Efficient and cost effective as they beat the price by a 100 dollars… Thank you for helping us out today.

Patrick Barron

My car was towed here after an accident. The staff was very helpful in getting me through the process, and letting me know what steps I needed to follow to work with my insurance. Very grateful for their help!

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So, are you in need of a tow? If so, you can call us any time of day for fast and reliable towing services!

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