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McGann and Chester is proud to provide a full range of mobile truck repair services in and around the Pittsburgh area. If your reefer truck, box truck or any type of tractor trailer needs roadside assistance give us a call now for mobile diesel mechanic services. We can get you back on the road right from where you are without an expensive tow. This service also saves time.

The Pittsburgh, Ohio Basin is our backyard and we here at McGann & Chester have been repairing Diesel trucks for decades. We will never overcharge and we see every relationship in the long term. Over 95% of our corporate customers started with a call. We’ve listed a range of mobile diesel repair services that we provide:

Mobile Scan Diagnostics by a Mobile Truck Repair Service

McGann and Chester offers mobile scan diagnostics on a range of   engines including Caterpillar, Cummins, Volvo, Mack, Hino, International, Detroit, Isuzu, Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge as part of our mobile truck repair service. When your check engine light/stop engine light turns on we can quickly figure out the problem and get you back on the road. 

Check engine light mobile diesel repair Issues include:

  • Sometimes you just need a a little bit of coolant. We can identify and take care of it.
  • Sometimes forced regeneration is required as the diesel particulate filter (DPF filter) is clogged and needs a cleaning or replacement.
  • General sensor issues including DEF fluids and diesel exhaust fluid.

Annual inspections Certified from Mobile Diesel Repair Specialists

We perform Federal D.O.T. inspection on by mobile repair only. We also perform Federal D.O.T / PM service in conjunction. We call this a PMDOT service.


 Here is an excerpt from the law from the State of Pennsylvania.

“Other vehicles, including motor carrier vehicles with a registered gross weight in excess of 17,000 pounds, motor homes, emergency vehicles and private noncommercial vehicles used to transport students, shall be inspected annually. Motor homes and emergency vehicles built on a truck chassis shall be inspected according to the appropriate truck inspection procedure based on the registered gross weight of the vehicle.”

Air Brake System Repair at Your Mobile Truck Repair Service

We have a few guidelines to better manage your air brakes. Within the air brake system, we service compressors, governors, dryers, valves, fittings, lines, hoses, chambers and abs systems in the air brakes systems. These are a few tips for monitoring your air brakes. 

  1. Monitor your minimum operating pressure. Be sure the minimum operating pressure for a vehicle airbrake system is no less than 85 PSI for a bus and 100 PSI for a truck. All mobile truck repair service companies should do this.
  2. Watch the time/build-up rate. Be sure that t takes no longer than two minutes for air pressure to rise from 85 PSI to 100 PSI at 600 to 900 rpm.
  3. Monitor your cut-out governor pressure. Be sure that the correct cut-out governor pressure for the air compressor is between 120 PSI and 135 PSI. Cut-in pressure is 20 PSI to 25 PSI below cut-out pressure.

Coolant System Repairs by Mobile Truck Mechanics

Our mobile truck repair specialists are highly trained on all coolants systems.  We typically find that a a semi radiator leak commonly occurs in one of the corners of the radiator or at one of the connections or a seam leak. The key to most radiator leaks is that they will normally start slowly and show signs of seeping well before a complete failure. We find that you should be able to spot coolant leaks before they affect your vehicle. We are happy to help with mobile semi repair.

Drive Line Service by a Mobile Truck Repair Team

McGann and Chester repairs drive lines with our mobile truck repair team. This means we can replace universal joint or u-joints, carrier bearings, yokes, drive shafts, axles  and more. Transmission need to be brought in house to our facility.

Brake Service & Repair for Your Mobile Truck Tire Repair

McGann & Chester repairs brakes and steering systems. As your brake systems wear out or even catch fire, we have access to complete inventory of items to replace the following items – brake shoes, break drums, slack adjusters, s-cams, brake chambers, air disc brake rotors, pads, calipers, chambers, A.B.S. systems, valves, sensors, air lines, air hoses, glad hands and coil hoses. We can get access to the following sizes brake chambers for replacement 16 brake chamber, 20 brake chamber, 24 break chamber, 30/30 break chamber, 30/30 short brake chamber, 30/30 long brake chamber, 30/36 brake chamber and 24/30 brake chamber.

Heating System Repair by a Mobile Truck Mechanic

Most mobile truck mechanics should be aware of problems with your truck’s cooling system that will affect your truck’s heating system. For example, low coolant levels typically affect the heating system’s ability to warm your cab interior warm. We typically find that leaking coolant can be attributed to a damaged heater core, radiator, heater hose, or cooling system. If you notice sweet smells coming from the air vents that is a sign of a coolant leak. Other common issues include a vacuum leak, heater valve failure, fan motor failure, heater core failure, or stuck thermostat. One of the most common causes of breakdowns is overheating, but heating system maintenance can help prevent this from happening. Consult your owner’s manual for recommended inspection intervals for the various heating system components, and be sure to seek out heating system repairs when necessary.

Differential Repair by a Mobile Truck Repair Specialist

Differential fluid change can positively impact the safety and health of your vehicle. Noise coming from your differential can be a sign of insufficient lubricant or worn gears and bearings due to regular wear and tear.

This work needs to be done at at McGann and Chester repair location.

Exhaust Repair By a Mobile Truck Repair Service

Our  mobile truck repair service specialists typically work exhaust systems includes the following components:

  • Aftertreatment devices including catalytic converters or particulate filters.
  • Mufflers, for noise attenuation,
  • Decoupling elements that connect the exhaust manifold with the rest of the exhaust system.
  • As well as piping and hangers.

However, we also can help with exhaust brakes. These systems use the exhaust gas pressure for vehicle braking, to ease the demands on wheel brakes and increase their longevity. We can also repair more complex waste heat recovery systems like simple heat exchangers up to complex systems like thermoelectrics. Give our mobile truck repair service a call.

Radiator Service By a Mobile Diesel Mechanic

The most obvious cause of a diesel engine having problems by overheating are listed below. Our mobile diesel mechanics always check the following

  • If there is any type of issue with the engine coolant. A low coolant level can be an indication of a leak due to cracks in the engine or head gasket. Perhaps, your diesel’s coolant level is low is that air pockets or bubbles have caused a restriction of fluid flow.
  • Malfunctioning diesel fuel injectors can cause your engine to work harder to compensate, causing overheating. Perhaps, there are build-up of deposits on the injector nozzle or a part malfunction.
  • Also, a malfunctioning cooling fan can cause the engine to overheat. Things to check include a loose or misaligned fan. Other causes of a malfunctioning cooling fan are a defective coolant sensor, engine thermostat, or fan motor.
  • Last, a faulty water pump may have a pully that is spinning too freely. This is a sign that the water pump seals are wearing out. Otherwise, clogs can also cause problems.

Steering Repair by a Mobile Diesel Mechanic

We repair suspension air bags to prevent swaying, sagging or a generally rough ride. Our expertise includes the suspension height sensors that provide information to the body control module, which directs the proper air pressure from a compressor to the air bag.

Leveling valves: Our expertise with leveling valves includes air suspension level control rods, left side level valve, right side level valve, front axle leveling valves and more.

Leveling Linkage: No matter your vehicle we can repair or replace and leveling linkage.

Air Lines:
It is important to take a look at the air lines supplying the air bags. We check for spots with wear. We check the fittings on both ends to make sure there isn’t leaking. We replace and repair air lines from all brands – Milton, Continental and more.

In addition we often replace sprints, hangers, brackets of all brands, sizes and shapes.

Slider: We work with some of the most recent slider technologies as well as

Trailer Tandems: We have the expertise to take cake of any trailer tandem setup or breakdown.

Chain Up Service: Let us place chains on your semi or remove them as needed.

Transmission Repair by a Mobile Diesel Mechanic

Our mobile diesel mechanics will be able whether is a rebuild or a replace. This includes trouble shifting (slipping gears while driving, between shift revving) or transmission pops into neutral on its own

strange noises. Sometimes the noises are clunking, grinding, thumping, humming, and other unusual sounds. We also take special note of transmission fluid leaks, and dirty transmission fluid.

This work needs to be done at at McGann and Chester repair location.

Welding by a Certified Truck Repair Expert

Please note, we only offer welding on steel with our truck repair truck.  Aluminum welding needs to occur back at the McGann and Chester repair location.

Diesel Wheel Services by Mobile Truck Tire Repair Specialist

Our mobile truck tire repair specialists can help with bearings, hubs, seals, studs and nuts.  

Bearings: We work with all kinds of bearings including taper roller bearings, roller bearings, roller thrust bearings, thrust ball bearings, and ball bearings.  Worn out wheel bearings cannot carry the load.

Hubs, Seals, Studs & Nuts: We can help you replace your warped and worn out wheel hubs. 

Seals: Our mobile truck tire repair specialist can help with Worn out or warped seals allow external contaminants to enter the bearing unit or let lubricant escape from the unit. 

Studs: Stripped wheel studs can be quite dangerous. Damaged wheel studs should be replaced with new ones immediately.  Contact a mobile truck tire repair specialist now.

Filters and Preventative Maintenance  Air Filter Replacement by a Mobile diesel Mechanic

In addition, we do preventative maintiance. This means we can easilyt replace a full wet pm, engine oil filter, fuel oil filter.  We also provide chassis greasing.

Some of the signs of needing an air filter replacement include reduced fuel economy, excessive soot residue, engine starting problems, odd engine sounds, vibrations, check engine light, less horsepower, gasoline smell, black smoke or flames coming from the exhaust. You can always count on McGann and Chester for the very best mobile semi repair.

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