Frequently Asked Questions

If your car or vehicle has been towed to an impound lot, you may have a few questions. Make sure you have the following items to release your car from the impound lot:

City TOw Pound Operating hours

From the PennDot Drivers handbook

Except in emergencies, or unless a police officer tells you to do so, never stop, stand, or park your vehicle. Here are some other very important rules that we want to bring to your attention:

Fill Out Our Vehicle Authorization Form

Download our Truck Release Form

Private Lot Towing

Residential lots do not require a permit, but the City of Pittsburgh requires permits for commercial property lots.   You can visit the DPLI website for the application, fees, etc.  
Once you have acquired a permit or license, McGann and Chester will need to be provided a copy for our records and signs will be needed for the lots.  Permits are good for one year and we would need to have an updated copy of the permit sent to us upon renewal.
Signs for towing must be at every entrance and exit of the lot.  The sign must be 18″x 25″, placed 8 feet high and have a reflective background.  The towing company’s name (McGann and Chester), and a 24 hour contact number must be on the sign (412-381-9400). 
We do have signs for sale at our location, 700 Hargrove Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15226; however, you are able to have your own made as long as they meet the requirements.  We charge $45.00 + tax per sign and your company would be responsible for picking up and placing the signs.
Once signs are ordered and/or in place, you would need to provide us a list, on company letterhead or email, of authorized persons to call for the tows and a password that will be given to our personnel.  We do not patrol the lots, so if a vehicle was parked illegally your company would notify us.  Only authorized callers can call for a tow and they must know the password before we dispatch a truck.
Illegally parked vehicles are towed at the vehicle owner’s expense as per the signs;  however, our policies regarding abandoned vehicles has changed.  All vehicles towed in from private lots must have inspection stickers’ current within the last 3 months and a valid license plate.  In the event the vehicle you are having towed does not fall into this category, you will be responsible for paying the towing fee.  The rate for towing an abandoned vehicle from private property is $250.00 which covers towing and service fees associated with proper disposal.