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Prepare Your Vehicle for Seasonal Challenges

As the seasons change, so do the road conditions, bringing unique challenges requiring different vehicle preparations. This quick guide will take you through the essential steps to prepare your vehicle to avoid the tow truck and stay safe in various weather conditions throughout the year.

Winter Readiness: Safeguarding Your Vehicle for the Cold

Winter, fall, and the beginning of Spring can bring cold temperatures and potentially hazardous road conditions. Cold weather demands extra care for your vehicle. Ensure your vehicle’s battery is in good condition, as the cold can significantly reduce its efficiency. It’s best to switch to winter tires for better traction on snow and ice and regularly check tire pressure, which tends to drop in colder weather.

Also, keep the antifreeze and coolant at appropriate levels to prevent freezing and engine damage.

Opt for lower-viscosity oil suitable for winter, and make sure all other fluids are topped up. Replace wiper blades with ones designed for winter and use a windshield washer fluid that won’t freeze. Check your heating and defrosting systems to maintain comfort and visibility. Regular brake inspections are crucial for safe driving on slippery roads. Equip your vehicle with winter essentials like a snow shovel, ice scraper, blankets, and a first-aid kit. Ensure all lights and signals function correctly for enhanced visibility during the shorter, darker days. Inspect your exhaust system for leaks, keep your fuel tank at least half full to prevent fuel line freezing, and be prepared for emergencies.

Warmer Seasons: Adapting to Varying Conditions

In summer and warmer weather, different precautions are needed. Regularly inspect your vehicle’s cooling system to avoid overheating. Check tire condition and pressure, as higher temperatures can affect them differently than cold weather. Ensure your vehicle’s fluids are at the right levels, and consider using a higher-viscosity oil, which is recommended for your car in hotter weather. Always carry sufficient water and an emergency kit to stay prepared.

Calling tow truck in summer

McGann and Chester: Reliable Towing Services All Year Round

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