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Expert Pittsburgh Vehicle Recovery Team Retrieves Submerged Vehicle

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On the chilly morning of December 28, 2023, the City of Pittsburgh Police Department needed urgent assistance with a vehicle recovery at the Sherwood Center. They called our team at McGann and Chester to salvage a suspect’s vehicle and a Pittsburgh police vehicle, both submerged in the community center’s pool.

The cars ended up in the water following a high-speed chase. The call brought together multiple units, including the City of Pittsburgh, Wilkinsburg, and Allegheny County Police Departments. Needless to say, we were proud to once more assist law enforcement with handling complex vehicle recovery scenarios.

The vehicle recovery process was a coordinated effort with so many parties involved. McGann and Chester responded with two flatbeds, a specialized recovery unit, three operators, and a supervising expert. The City of Pittsburgh’s dive team was crucial in attaching the vehicles for safe extraction from the icy waters. One of the significant challenges we faced was the de-energizing of the police vehicle, which was a hybrid model acquired by the city in 2021. 

The team also had to navigate the community center’s landscape carefully, considering the weight limits around the pool and managing the frigid weather conditions. After over four hours of concerted effort, we successfully recovered both vehicles. The cars then parted ways: the city vehicle was sent back to the fleet garage for evaluation while we took the suspect’s vehicle to our McGann and Chester’s impound lot, pending further police investigation.

police Chase ends in Pool Vehicle Recovery

On December 28, 2023, McGann and Chester received a request from the City of Pittsburgh Police Department for an urgent vehicle recovery operation. The task was to retrieve a suspect’s vehicle and a police vehicle from the pool at the Sherwood Center. The cars ended up in the pool following a high-speed chase. In response to this request, McGann and Chester promptly deployed two flatbeds, a dedicated vehicle recovery unit, three vehicle recovery operators, and a seasoned vehicle recovery supervisor to the site.

Upon arrival, McGann and Chester collaborated with officials from the City of Pittsburgh Police Department, Wilkinsburg Police Department, and Allegheny County Police Department, who were already on the scene. The vehicle recovery operation spanned just over four hours and involved the City of Pittsburgh’s dive team hooking up vehicles for extrication from the pool. 

The police car recovered was one of the newer hybrid models integrated into the city’s fleet in 2021. Our team safely managed to de-energize this hybrid vehicle, requiring specific knowledge and precise handling.

The environmental and landscape challenges also added complexity. Our team had to assess and adapt to the structural surroundings near the pool, ensuring that the vehicle recovery process did not compromise the area’s integrity. Working under the harsh cold weather conditions further tested our adaptability and skill, elements that are indispensable in vehicle recovery operations, particularly in challenging climates.

Environmental and landscape challenges further complicated the process. Our team had to navigate the structural limitations near the pool to ensure a safe vehicle recovery, all while braving the demanding cold weather. 

McGann and Chester is Your Choice for Vehicle Recoveries in Pittsburgh 

This was definitely one of our more challenging towing operations. But our ability to handle a range of vehicles, from hybrid models to standard ones, shows that we are ready to handle pretty much any car recovery scenario. McGann and Chester is a reliable and proficient choice for anyone in Pittsburgh or surrounding areas seeking expert vehicle recovery assistance, ready to tackle any vehicle recovery challenge with expertise and precision.

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