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Successful Flatbed Towing & Vehicle recovery Operation

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When the Pennsylvania State Police call for flatbed towing, we know it’s an opportunity to serve our community. Law enforcement requested our help with removing a 1989 Lincoln Town Car. The vehicle was involved in a fire on I-79, southbound. We immediately dispatched a flatbed truck and an experienced operator to the 57.5MM mark, ready to handle the situation.

Upon arrival, our operator worked closely with the State Troopers and fire department to ensure the scene’s safety. Assessing the situation, our operator took extra precautions to ensure the vehicle was cool enough for transport. Safety always comes first in flatbed towing, vehicle recovery, or towing operations.

However, the job didn’t end with the transport. Back at the impound, the vehicle, still containing smoldering personal items, unexpectedly reignited. We quickly coordinated with the City of Pittsburgh Fire Department’s Station 28, which arrived with a pumper truck and four firefighters to extinguish the flames.

In the face of this unforeseen event, our team at McGann and Chester didn’t hesitate. Before the arrival of the fire department, we took proactive measures by venting the remaining windows and moving the vehicle away from others in the lot. This shows that our team is trained to handle stressful situations on the road and in the office.

Flatbed Towing Vehicle Removal Beyond the Call of Duty

When the Pennsylvania State Police call for flatbed towing assistance, it’s our cue at McGann and Chester to provide top-notch vehicle removal service. This was precisely the case on October 9, 2023. The State Police called upon us for the flatbed towing and vehicle removal of a 1989 Lincoln Town Car involved in a fire on I-79 southbound. Without delay, we dispatched a flatbed tow truck and an expert operator to the 57.5MM mark, fully equipped for efficient vehicle removal.

On-site, our vehicle removal specialist collaborated seamlessly with the State Troopers and fire department. Prioritizing safety, our flatbed towing operator carefully assessed the vehicle, ensuring it was sufficiently cool for safe transport. 

Unexpectedly, the vehicle removal challenges presented by this flatbed towing job did not end at our location. At the impound, the Lincoln, which still contained smoldering items, reignited unexpectedly. We swiftly coordinated with the City of Pittsburgh Fire Department’s Station 28. Their prompt response with a pumper truck and a team of four firefighters was crucial in dousing the flames.

Our team was prepared for this surprising situation: before the firefighters’ arrival, we vented the vehicle’s remaining windows at McGann and Chester. Our flatbed towing team then moved it away from other vehicles in the lot. We can handle your standard vehicle removal, flatbed towing, and unforeseen scenarios that can arise throughout the process.

McGann and Chester remove vehicles, no matter the shape they’re in

Our experience in vehicle removal is not limited to the road; it covers a broad spectrum of road and transport incidents, including unexpected situations like this one. This incident reaffirms our commitment to delivering exceptional flatbed towing and vehicle removal services, ensuring safety, efficiency, and adaptability under any circumstances. At McGann and Chester, we pride ourselves on handling flatbed towing and vehicle removal challenges with professionalism and skill, making us a reliable partner for the community and law enforcement.