Broken radiator Back on the Road Because of to Mobile Commercial Mechanic by McGann & Chester

A mobile commercial mechanic was needed for a damaged radiator for a 24 hour turn around. We received a call about a semi that needed to get back on the road with some speed, but its radiator needed to be replaced, Our dispatcher listened and McGann & Chester Mobile Semi Repair took on the challenge. Most truck repair shops would have said, its not possible and would have quoted a 3 day repair.

We decided to do this repair at our office so we asked our client to fill the radiator with water and make the short drive. The heavy duty cab arrived and we got to work. We disassembled the the parts to get at the radiator. Our team started at 9 am and removed the hook, the inner cooler and AC condenser. We replaced the radiator and put it all back together again. We want everyone in the Pittsburgh area to know that replacing a radiator in less then 24 hours can be done. In fact, we didn’t do it in 24 hours we did it in less then 12 hours. Great job on an amazing effort!

Details: Truck’s Radiator Fixed in no time thanks to Mobile Commerical Mechanic by McGann & Chester

A broken radiator needed mobile commercial mechanic for a fast repair. A truck got stuck by the side of a warehouse in Pittsburgh. Its radiator was damaged and needed to be replaced. The client then contacted McGann & Chester Towing and Semi Repair in Pittsburgh as they are known for fast turn around services and their special Mobile Commercial Mechanic. We had our mobile commercial mechanic team work on this job because they are known for fast and accurate work. First, the mobile commercial mechanic team instructed the client to fill the semi’s radiator with water. The semi needed to be moved to McGann and Chester’s location. The semi drove flawlessly to McGann and Chester. They were greeted by the mobile commercial mechanic team. First, they mobile commercial mechanic team removed the hood of the semi. Next, they removed the inner cooler. The commercial mechanic team loosened the radiator so it could be easily removed. They then extracted the radiator from the semi. Next, they placed a new radiator into the semi. The mobile commercial mechanic team attached the AC condenser. They then placed the inner cooler and fastened it into the engineer. Last, they placed the hood back on the semi.

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