When Heavy Duty Towing Can Be Avoided for Car Hauling Truck

Sometimes heavy duty towing isn’t needed after a mechanical breakdown. Last week, McGann & Chester was called to help with a car hauler that was stranded just outside of Pittsburgh.    The bearings on one tire had caught fire, stranding the semi. Iit looked like an expensive heavy duty tow would be required.  McGann & Chester was called in after another heavy duty towing firm had said they couldn’t help

Now, car haulers can be pretty tricky to tow and repair.  The cars locked into place often block access to critical systems in the body of the rig as well as the engine. We didn’t want to start taking everything apart. So, we go creative because knew that car haulers are built to drive on three tires.  

We over-rode a few systems that had locked up with the fourth tire bay being out of service, we had the car hauler ready to go.  The car hauler could continue to its destination using the tires on the three wheel bays.   

Thanks to Chas for his quick thinking and his ability to figure things out this job.

Car Hauler Prior to Possible Needing Heavy Duty Towing
Car Hauler Prior to Possibly Needing Heavy Duty Towing

Details of How Heavy Duty Towing was Avoided for Car Hauler

A call came into McGann and Chester for possible heavy duty towing. McGan and Chester sent out its heavy duty towing team to a local rest stop near Pittsburgh. The heavy duty towing team found a disabled car hauler. The car haulers bearings had caught on fire and one of the tire bays wasn’t functional.  The heavy duty towing team assessed the situation by talking within the group. They discussed what to do. The heavy duty towing team decided to not disassemble the car hauler. The heavy duty towing team decided to override some core systems to allow the car hauler to not have to be towed. This would save the company with the car hauler a tremendous amount of time and money. The heavy duty towing team first used their heavy wrecker to support the car hauler. Next, the heavy duty towing team  started working on the axel to make it drivable. The idea was to shut down core system that would prevent the truck from moving, to allow the car hauler to make it a short ways to be repaired and avoid removing the cars riding on the frame. First, the heavy duty towing team temporarily disconnected the airbag system that prevented the seme from being driven. Next, the heavy duty towing team overrode the power divider to complete the circuit override. Last, they firmed up the axle and supporting structure to ensure that the car hauler could travel safely down the road.  Using this technique, McGann & Chester avoided having to tow this car hauler. This also avoided having to remove every car. This technique also saved the client a tremendous amount of money and time.




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