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Tow Service Called After “Final Destination”-like Accident

A tow service was requested at parking lot of the Days Inn by Wyndham on Banksville Road in Pittsburgh, PA. It was an extremely windy November afternoon when a Kia Optima driver parked in the hotel parking lot. His parking spot was close to the entrance and he had plenty of space on either side of his vehicle. Can’t get any better, right?

Unfortunately, this turned out to be quite possibly the worst parking spot ever! Not long after the poor gentleman parked his car, gusts of wind began hammering at the hotel’s sign. Unable to support the relentless beating from the wind, the hotel’s sign violently crashed to the ground!

The parking lot was quite empty on that cold afternoon so the odds of the sign hitting a car should have been slim. Unfortunately for the driver, the odds were not slim enough. He had parked his car right next to the sign! The Optima broke the sign’s fall and, in return, the sign completely wrecked the vehicle!

The sign left a nasty indent on the roof of the vehicle and smashed the rear windshield. Thankfully, no one was hurt in this freak accident. Had the driver been in the vehicle, it would have been a plot straight out of a Final Destination movie!

McGann & Chester were tasked with getting the crushed Kia out from under the sign. They arrived with two tow trucks. One tow truck supported the weight of the sign as the other tow truck carefully winched the vehicle out from underneath it.

The tow service crew made lifting a massive sign look easy! Great work out there team! You did a fantastic job!

Details of Tow Service Called After “Final Destination”-like Accident

A tow service was requested at a Days Inn located at 1150 Banksville Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15216, United States. Two tow service teams were dispatched from McGann & Chester Towing and Heavy Duty, 700 Hargrove St, Pittsburgh, PA 15226, United States.

The tow service teams arrived at the hotel parking lot and assessed the situation. The hotel sign had fallen due to strong winds and completely crushed a white Kia Optima parked next to it. In order for the tow service team to get access to the vehicle, they would need to lift the heavy sign.

The first tow service team used their tow truck to support the weight of the massive hotel sign. They attached a strap to it and slowly lifted it into the air. Once the sign was suspended, the other tow service team were able to winch out the Kia Optima from underneath the sign.

With the car out of the way, the first crew were able to gently place the sign back on the ground as requested by the hotel management. The tow service team then towed the vehicle to their 24 hour secure yard where it would await assessment from the driver’s insurance company.

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