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Tow Company Works Through Storm in Mount Oliver

A delivery driver in Mount Oliver was in desperate need of a tow company after his GPS led him astray. The driver had to deliver a parcel in an area he was unfamiliar with so he used his trusty GPS system to guide him to his destination. It was absolutely pouring rain in the densely wooded residential area and the visibility was not great.

Unfortunately for the driver, his GPS system decided to take him on the scenic route. He followed the instructions and turned onto a small road. The narrow muddy road was slippery and the driver suddenly found himself struggling for grip. The driver was not able to gain control and the van slid off the road and ended up wedged by a telephone pole!

McGann & Chester sent out a tow truck to winch the van back onto solid ground. It was still pouring rain and the tow truck had to be careful not to fall victim to the same fate as his customer! If rain and a muddy road was not enough, the tow company had to back into the road in order to be able to recover the van safely!

The tow truck operator got an impromptu shower as he hooked up his wrecker to the van. The recovery process went smoothly and the delivery driver was able to complete his delivery! Fantastic work out there team! You deserve a warm cup of coffee after this rainy job!

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Details of Tow Company Works Through Storm in Mount Oliver

McGann & Chester tow company received a call from a client in Mount Oliver. The customer required a tow company to recover his delivery van after it slid off a muddy road. The tow company dispatched a team from 700 Hargrove St, Pittsburgh, PA 15226, United States.

The tow truck service knew that the recovery would take place on a narrow road so they dispatched a 1-ton wrecker to the job. With decades of experience under their belt, the tow company knew that this tow truck would be able to maneuver on a small road.

Arriving at the customer’s location, the tow company assessed the situation. In order to safely recover the van, the tow company needed to reverse down the road towards the van. The tow truck operator hooked onto the van’s front axle.

After ensuring that everything was in place, the tow company began to winch the delivery van out from the mud and onto stable ground. With the delivery van back onto solid ground, the tow company inspected the van to see if it had sustained any damage when it slid off the road.

Spotting only paint scratches, the tow truck service returned back to headquarters. They cleaned their equipment and tow truck as everything was now covered in mud. With everything clean, the tow truck team were ready for their next towing job!

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