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Tow Truck Service Rescues SUV From Train Tracks!

McGann & Chester responded to a call for a tow truck service after a Chevy Equinox got stuck on the train tracks in South Pittsburgh. The driver of the small SUV managed to drive up onto a track, getting his front axle stuck on it in the process! Unable to move his car, the driver was at serious risk of being hit by a train!

He immediately called the authorities who then reached out to McGann & Chester tow truck service. The towing service chose to use a 1-ton wrecker for this job as they did not have much room to maneuver on the tracks. 

The Pittsburgh tow truck operator carefully placed planks of wood underneath the Chevy’s wheels. With the planks in place, the Chevy was able to be pulled onto the side of the tracks. The towing team then winched the car down the tracks until they reached an intersection to the main road.

Using the tow truck’s boom, the team lifted the rear end of the SUV into the air and carefully placed it onto the pavement. The vehicle was finally out of harm’s way and McGann & Chester towed the SUV to a nearby repair shop.

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Details of Tow Truck Service Rescues SUV From Train Tracks!

The tow truck service dispatch center received a call about a SUV stuck on the train tracks in South Pittsburgh. The tow truck service immediately dispatched a tow truck operator to the SUV’s location. 

Once at the train tracks, the tow truck service assessed the situation. The Pittsburgh tow truck service noted that the SUV’s front axle was wedged on the tracks. In order to be able to winch the vehicle off the tracks, the tow truck service needed to place wooden planks underneath the Chevy’s wheels.

With the wood in place, the tow truck service winched the vehicle off of the tracks. It was now perpendicular to the train tracks but still not out of harm’s way. The tow truck service hooked onto the back of the vehicle and slowly winched it out towards the nearest intersection. 

Once the SUV was completely on pavement, the tow truck service prepared to tow it to a nearby repair facility. They consulted with the driver of the Chevy Equinox and came to a decision together on where the SUV would be towed.

Seeing as the vehicle was stuck on the train tracks, a complete inspection of it’s undercarriage was needed. There was suspected damage to the front axle (the same axle which was stuck on the track itself).

The tow truck service towed the SUV to the garage. Once they were assured that the driver had a way home, the tow truck service returned back to their headquarters to await another customer.

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