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Tow Truck Service Uses 1-Ton Wrecker to Winch Nissan Altima

A client in desperate need of a tow truck service reached out to McGann & Chester last week. The customer had been driving his Nissan Altima through a heavily wooded area by his house when disaster struck.

The dense foliage made it impossible for the driver to see the sudden drop in elevation ahead. With not enough time to stop, the sedan lost control and slid down a hill. A large rock in the middle of the path brought the car to a sudden stop. Unfortunately, that same rock kept the driver from attempting to reverse the vehicle back up the hill.

McGann & Chester dispatched a 1-ton flatbed tow truck to recover the vehicle from it’s unfortunate parking spot. The team ran two lines from the tow truck, one around a tree for support and the other connected to the Nissan.

The team made quick work of recovering the vehicle and securing it to their flatbed. They brought it to a repair shop as the car had sustained damage during the original incident.

Great work out there team! Your efficient work exemplified why we are Pittsburgh’s top recovery company. Keep it up!

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Details of Tow Truck Service Uses 1-Ton Wrecker to Winch Nissan Altima

McGann & Chester tow truck service received a call for a vehicle recovery in Pittsburgh, PA. The tow truck service dispatched a 1-ton wrecker to the customer’s location. Once the tow truck service arrived on scene, they were able to fully assess the situation.

The tow truck team was tasked with recovering a Nissan Altima from a wooded area. The driver had lost control of the Nissan Altima and it slid down a small hill. The tow truck service noted that the car only came to a stop when it hit a large rock.

The towing service backed up their 1-ton wrecker towards the vehicle. They tied a strap around a tree in order to stabilize the wrecker. The tow truck operators then hooked up to the back end of the vehicle.

Once the tow lines were in place, the team began to slowly winch the car up towards the flatbed tow truck. The team then placed the car on the back of the tow truck. The tow truck service secured the car in place.

With the Nissan Altima on the back of the flatbed tow truck, the towing service brought it to a nearby repair shop as per the customer’s wishes. With the car in the safe hands of the mechanics, the tow truck team made their way to McGann and Chester headquarters.

The team arrived at 700 Hargrove Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 15226. The tow truck operators proceeded to thoroughly clean all their equipment as well as their tow truck. With the equipment and wrecker cleaned, the towing team was ready for the next call to come in.


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